Meet Joshua Skinner of Massey Drive


Facing Cancer Together

 It is hard to put into words how a parent feels when their child has been diagnosed with cancer. It has to be one of the most stressful and frightening experiences for a parent. And for families who don’t live close to the care and resources they need, there is an added stress, distance. This is where Ronald McDonald House can help.  RMHC gives families with a sick child what they need most – each other.  

Turning 17 has not been anything like Joshua Skinner of Massey Drive NL thought it would be.  Instead of getting his driver’s licence and planning his high school graduation with his friends, Joshua is undergoing treatments for cancer, hours from his home.

Shortly after his 17th birthday, Joshua noticed a mass on his body and without hesitation, he told his parents.  At first, the doctors thought it was an infection, but following surgery at Western Memorial Hospital, the Skinner Family were told it was cancer and would require relocating to St. John’s for months of treatments.

It wasn’t long before the family were introduced to the programs and services of Ronald McDonald House.

“The Ronald McDonald House is so warm and welcoming and I’m so happy that me and my family have access to such an amazing place.  I have spent 199 nights at Ronald McDonald House so far and my journey is still not over.  We have come to rely on Ronald McDonald House being there for us.” – Joshua Skinner

“When we found out about Josh’s illness, it was like our lives were turned upside down.  Ronald McDonald House has gone above and beyond to make us feel at home here and have become a part of our extended family.  We could not ask for a better place to be as we continue to go through this tough journey together.” – Brian Skinner (Joshua’s dad)


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